Exercise the Demons Part 13

Sariel was staring at ‘her,’ and even though he hadn’t moved, he was radiating impatience. Think fast, Kelly. “Uh…the demon?” …smooth.

“YES. THE DEMON. WHERE IS SHE?” Sariel’s booming, resonating voice echoed in Kelly’s bones – well, Sean’s bones, that Kelly was currently using.

“Damn, bro, could you turn it down a bit?” Kelly was glad to have access to some of Sean’s mannerisms and verbal ticks. The angel might not notice little details like saying ‘bro,’ but Sean was a big enough tool that he might be expecting it.

Sean piped up from the back of his mind with a sullen, “You don’t need to editorialize so much, bitch.”

“Stay classy, champ,” she fired back at him, but Sariel was already speaking. This time, at least, his voice was slightly less painful to hear.

Fine. The Demon. Where. Is. She?” His voice had gone from resounding to just forceful, and while Kelly couldn’t be certain, since she’d just met the angel, he sounded well and tired of Sean’s crap. For that, Kelly felt a kinship with Sariel.

“Look, man, I dunno how to say this but she’s…well, she’s escaped.” Kelly cringed slightly with Sean’s form, glad that at least the angel couldn’t see she was wearing Sean like a meat suit right now.

Sariel’s hands clenched and unclenched, and Kelly braced herself for the throttling it seemed the angel wanted to give her host. Instead, he spoke in the slow, level tones one usually reserved for spoiled children that were misbehaving. “Sean, you had one task. Capture the demon. Detain her. I would speak to her, and then she was yours to do with what you will. To accomplish this, I gave you access to Enochian magic. I taught you the language of creation. Now tell me, how did you fail in such a simple task?

“Hey! It’s not my fault that she could break your binding spell! How was I supposed to know sweat could break it?” Kelly didn’t need to come up the words for that, just repeat verbatim Sean’s mental objection. Thanks for the help there! She thought at him cheerfully.

Blow me, he responded.

Not with another woman’ s lips. Now shush, the grownups are talking. As much as his mental voice could help, it wasn’t worth the distraction.

Sweat should not be able to break it. What did you use to inscribe the runes?”

“Crayola washables.” Kelly was certain to make sure that Sean’s voice sounded proud of himself. She was glad he could still listen in. She wanted him to hear the angel’s response.

For several seconds, Sariel just stared at them. “I gave you access to the language with which God wrote the cosmos. The most beautifully sublime tongue ever spoken by any being. A language that would have seared your mind if I had not shielded you. And you wrote it in marker.”

It wasn’t a question, but Kelly was having fun. “Blue ones,” she clarified, and even though she couldn’t see the angel’s face, she could watch him wince.

Ah. Well, that makes everything better.” The pressure of Sariel’s gaze grew more intense. “I want you to understand, if I was empowered to harm mortals, I would smack you right now.

Bingo, Kelly thought, shutting off Sean’s access to what was going on as she did. That’s why you didn’t just smack me down yourself, and why your angel buddy in the alley lost our one on one. You can’t touch me. Kelly turned Sean’s smile into a dopey frown. She wanted to pressure the angel now that she was feeling safe. “You don’t got to talk to me like that, man. You’re an angel, you’re supposed to be good. And you just said you could hurt me, so-aarkgl.” The angel’s hand had closed around Sean’s throat.

“You misunderstand. I cannot do you physical harm. Choking you to unconsciousness? Does not harm you. Stripping you of your sight, and hearing, and taste, and touch, leaving you only able to interact with the world through scent? Does not harm you. Stripping your intellect to its basest level where you will require assistance to clean your own fecal matter? Does not harm you.” Kelly couldn’t help but note that the grip was just tight enough to cut off Sean’s air supply, but not enough to even bruise him. His mind began panicking, darkness quickly claiming him – but not Kelly. She could still see, hear, and think perfectly fine. “When you wake up, think on that when next we meet. You still will assist us in dealing with this fiend. If you fail, you will regret it.”

And here Sariel really caught Kelly off guard. He reached up and tossed aside his black robe, and if Kelly had been able to breathe, she would have screamed. Underneath was a man’s torso – well, really just the pectorals. Attached to them were two arms and six feathered wings the color of the sun. Along each wing were rows of disturbingly human eyes that blinked out of sync with each other, all of which were fixated on her. “Stand in awe of me, mortal. I am a Seraphim, and I will never bow to you.

Sean’s body passed out, and Kelly let it slump like the strings had been cut, although she still kept her fingers on them. Sauriel let him fall to the ground. The room got brighter, so bright she could see it through Sean’s eyelids, and then the light faded – and with it, the feeling of a presence in the room.

She waited a bit longer, then stood up Sean’s body. It was still unconscious, which meant all the little things that Sean did to control himself, the decades of muscle memory, weren’t in place anymore. She moved awkwardly. Now I feel like I’m really wearing a meat suit.

Each motion was awkward. A couple times she tripped over his feet and went falling to the floor. Her muscle memory was designed for a body half this weight and a decent amount smaller in general, and to avoid breaking a bone or tooth while she was still in Sean’s body she crawled the rest of the way back to the room where Sean had kept her, and her clothes still lay.

To get out of Sean’s body, she had to crawl out his mouth, and Kelly was glad she’d left the space with mirrors to do it. It started with her hand emerging from between his lips, and his jaw distending like something out of a horror movie until her entire form was free. Once she was out, his body fell limp. Still don’t know what I’m going to do about him, she thought as she got dressed. He would be a problem again. The smart thing to do would be to kill him – she could kick him to death, and cops would be left trying to figure out how an abnormally large goat got into his room.

Instead, she dragged him over to the Saint Andrew’s cross and chained him back to the base, then tossed the keys into the hallway. He’d have to drag the apparatus behind him like Jesus walking to Golgotha. It wouldn’t stop him, but…she grabbed a pen and paper from the kitchen, carefully grasping them both with tissues to avoid her fingerprints and scribbled on it.


I had you possessed. I could have made you kill yourself. I could have made you hang yourself and then exited your body before you choked out. I could have slit your wrists and got out while you bled out. Or I could have just done the job while out of your body and told the police how you held me captive and I had to escape. There’s a dozen things I could have done that I didn’t do because I’m not a demon. FYI, Sariel’s pretty POed at you. Something to think about.



P.S. If I regret this decision, you will too.

She dropped it on his forehead and then, for a final petty humiliation, put a book under the base of the cross so, when it fell, it would be certain to fall forward onto Sean. Jerk.

That done, she hunted down her purse and, after confirming everything was still in it, walked out of his apartment, calling an Uber as she did. She’d go home, get some sleep…and then once again try to talk to Chemosh.

Maybe he’d give her some more answers.

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